Monday, April 21, 2014

Your genes are not your fate

Many people blame their flaws on their genes but that may not be an accurate excuse anymore. Dean Ornish talks about how genes may not exactly be set in stone. He explains that living a more active life style can increase blood flow and reduce aging. It can also reverse the effects of heart disease.  Not only can it help prevent these diseases but it can help against certain forms of cancer. Scientists have recently been able to help prevent prostate cancer by turning off the bad genes that produce the cancer. Not only can the bad genes be turned off but the good genes that can help prevent the cancer can be turned on. When he was speaking Dean used some jokes and his hands to help get across his point. Dean also had presentation slides that had key points on it that he used to help present his topic.If people make these changes then it can change how genes are expressed and could help many people. These findings can help many people and even save lives. Dean shows that there are endless possibilities in the world of science and how it can improve the world.

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