Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why School is Killing Creativity

In Sir Ken Robinson's TED Talk he explains how schools are killing creativity. Ken explains how everyone has creation but people just grow out of it. Often people lose their creativity when they are in school because they are mainly focused on getting good grades. He also talked about how people shouldn't put down others creativity, instead it should be embraced so people aren't afraid to express themselves. Many students have been trained to be afraid of making mistakes through school. People begin to think that mistakes are bad because they get punished for them. I remember in elementary school I did a problem on the board and I made a mistake and I was so afraid of making another mistake in front of the class that I didn't do another problem on the board until the end of the year. For Ken's speaking style he made a lot of jokes and was constantly making the audience laugh. Ken also explained his ideas through story telling from what he has observed. When Ken was presenting he used his hands a little but for the most part stood in one spot throughout the presentation. We need to recreate the education system so it's not solely based upon intelligence but also on creativity as well. Being creative can help students learn how to express themselves through art or music. Also we need to learn that making mistakes isn't bad but it can often help us learn. If we learn to do these things everyone will be better off in the future.

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