Thursday, April 24, 2014

Once Upon a School

Dave Eggers is a remarkable man, he found a way to provide many children with a great environment in which students can be tutored for free. These tutoring locations are all located in a store that sells novelty items such as pirate or superhero supplies. The best part about these study centers besides being free is that they offer one on one attention. Dave explained how 30-40 hours of one on one attention could improve a students grade level by a letter grade. This is all being done by volunteers even if they can only give a couple hours of their time they are still helping these students to develop their writing. They have even branched out into schools and helping students at their own school. The tutors have even helped get these student's writing published. When Dave was speaking he used his hands and moved side to side pretty frequently. He also used a lot of jokes when he was speaking. When he was presenting he showed many pictures from the stores so you could visualize what they looked like on the inside. He also provided examples of kids who had gone to these tutoring places and had great success like one boy who had written several stories while at the study locations. These kids aren't being forced to go to the one on one sessions they are choosing to go there because they enjoy it. If we had more of these places throughout the nation then many students would do better in school and enjoy it more. It's amazing how one thing like a one on one experience can help students and make them better not just in school but in life as well.

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